11.18.2017 - Desi finished her championship in only 13 shows! She finished at the Philadelphia dog show which was televised on Thanksgiving Day. Bran appeared briefly in a montage during the broadcast.

11.12.2017 - Prue finished her championship with her 2nd major, which earned her sire Jorah his ROM!

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Pippa won her first points at her first show at 6mos! My first time showing a Crested! She finished her championship exactly 1 year from the day I brought her home as a 3mos old baby... winning a 5 pt major at a supported entry!

06/21/2014 Virginia KC WB/BOS Mrs. Gloria Geringer 2
06/27/2014 Southern Maryland KC WB/BOW/BOS (over a special) Dr. Gareth Morgan-Jones 2
07/13/2014 Shawnee KC WB/BOW Mrs. Elaine Lessig 1
08/03/2014 New River Valley KC WB/BOW/BOS (over specials) Mrs. Gloria Kerr 3 major
08/31/2014 Sussex Hills KC WB Mrs. Jacqueline M. Rayner 1
09/01/2014 Schooley's Mountain KC WB Wayne Gurin 1
09/14/2014 Berks County KC WB Mrs. Elaine Lessig 1
01/23/2015 Chesapeake Toy Dog Fanciers Club WB/BOS Mrs. Ruth Zimmerman 1
03/21/2015 Raleigh KC WB/BOS (over specials) Supported Entry Mr. Dana P. Cline 5 major
05/30/2015 Huntingdon Valley KC Group 3 Mrs. Ruth Zimmerman -
Total: 17 pts / 2 majors

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