02.16.2018 - Winston debuted in Colorado with co owner Brenda Heimbach by taking BOB over 3 specials!

01.14.2018 - Bran won BOB and a Group 4 his first weekend out in 2018. He will probably take some time off until summer due to shedding but hope to see more of him soon!

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Elizabeth Heckert
Hampton, VA

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Meadow started her show career rather late, because we've always felt her place was in the whelping box. But, she won 3 points in just a few shows in fall 2006. Maybe someday she will return to win a few more... time will tell.

11/04/2006 Virginia Beach KC WB/BOS Mrs. Judy Webb 1
11/05/2006 Virginia Beach KC WB/BOS Mr. Eugene Blake 1
11/12/2006 Mispillion KC WB/BOS Mrs. Lee Canalizio 1
Total: 3 pts

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