11.18.2017 - Desi finished her championship in only 13 shows! She finished at the Philadelphia dog show which was televised on Thanksgiving Day. Bran appeared briefly in a montage during the broadcast.

11.12.2017 - Prue finished her championship with her 2nd major, which earned her sire Jorah his ROM!

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Jon-Jon was handled by his co breeder Christine Crane. He finished in one week of shows, including winning the 6-9 class at the APC National Specialty puppy sweepstakes, 4 major wins and two Bests of Breed over 3 specials!

03/08/2014 Shenanodah Valley KC WD/BOW Ms. Bonnie Linnell Clarke 3 major
03/13/2014 Lancaster KC WD Ms. Kathy Bucher Sawyer 2
03/14/2014 York KC WD/BOW Mr. Johnny R. Shoemaker 3 major
03/15/2014 Delaware County KC WD/BOW/BOB (over specials) Mr. Eugene Blake 4 major
03/16/2014 Delaware County KC WD/BOW/BOB (over specials) Mr. Kenneth Berg 4 major
05/17/2014 Mattaponi KC Group 2 Mr. Dana P. Cline -
06/01/2014 Charlottesville-Albemarle KC Group 2 Mr. Chuck Olvis -
06/08/2014 Skyline KC Group 3 Mrs. Joan P. Scott -
08/23/2014 Mid-Susquehanna Valley KC Group 3 Mrs. Joan Goldstein -
08/31/2014 Sussex Hills KC Group 3 Mrs. Jacqueline M. Rayner -
10/11/2014 Catonsville KC Group 4 Mrs. Joan P. Scott -
Total: 16 pts / 4 majors

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