11.18.2017 - Desi finished her championship in only 13 shows! She finished at the Philadelphia dog show which was televised on Thanksgiving Day. Bran appeared briefly in a montage during the broadcast.

11.12.2017 - Prue finished her championship with her 2nd major, which earned her sire Jorah his ROM!

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Cinnamon quickly accumulated her first 11 points as a puppy. Her first show back in the ring after free whelping her Colt puppies, she won WB/BOS for 2 last singles. She finished in July 2009 with her 3rd and final major, handled by Christine Crane for her very last win. Her two littermates, group winning BISS Ch. Lil Behrs Honey Nut Cheerio and Ch. Lil Behrs Honey Crisp, finished from the puppy classes, making this an all champion litter.

05/25/2007 Gloucester KC of Virginia WB/BOW, Puppy Group 1 Mrs. Olga Gagne 1
05/26/2007 Gloucester KC of Virginia WB/BOS (over a special) Mrs. Ann D. Hearn 1
05/27/2007 Langley KC WB/BOS (over a special), Puppy Group 1 Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman 1
06/15/2007 Bryn Mawr KC WB/BOS Mrs. Charlotte P. Patterson 3 major
06/23/2007 Virginia KC WB Mrs. Robert Forsyth 1
06/24/2007 Virginia KC WB/BOS (over a special) Mrs. Charlotte P. Patterson 3 major
07/15/2007 Shawnee KC WB/BOS Mr. Randy Garren 1
01/10/2009 Greater Fredericksburg KC WB/BOS Mr. Robert Moore 2
07/24/2009 Dan Emmett KC WB Ms. Marjorie J. Underwood 3 major
Total: 16 pts / 3 majors

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