10.01.2017 - This weekend in New York Bran finished his Grand Championship, Desi picked up two big majors and Prue won a 5 pt major!

09.25.2017 - Bran won back to back group placements his first weekend entered as a special!

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Elizabeth Heckert
Hampton, VA

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Bree started off with a bang winning 4 points her first weekend out. By 8mos old, she was already a Best of Breed winner from the classes over specials. She finished in November 2010 by winning WB for a 3 pt major.

01/14/2010 Northern Neck KC Of Virginia WB/BOS Mr. James E. Frederiksen 1
01/15/2010 Greater Fredericksburg KC WB/BOS Mr. Randy E. Garren 1
01/16/2010 Pom Club of Central VA Specialty Best In Sweeps / RWB Ms. Ellen Parkin / Dr. Gareth Morgan-Jones -
01/17/2010 Chesapeake KC Of Maryland WB/BOS Mrs. Ruth H. Zimmerman 2
01/23/2010 Carroll KC WB/BOS Mrs. Doris Cozart 3 major
02/26/2010 Wallkill KC WB/BOW/BOS Ms. Gloria Kerr 2
03/15/2010 American Pomeranian Club (Sweeps) 2nd Place 6-9Mos Puppy Bitch Mrs. Brenda Segelken -
03/19/2010 York KC WB/BOW/BOB (over a special) Ms. Joanne Paulk 2
05/09/2010 Trenton KC WB/BOS Mrs. Patricia Mowbray Morgan 1
11/13/2010 Salisbury Maryland KC WB Mr. William deVilleneuve 3 major
Total: 15 pts / 2 majors

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