11.18.2017 - Desi finished her championship in only 13 shows! She finished at the Philadelphia dog show which was televised on Thanksgiving Day. Bran appeared briefly in a montage during the broadcast.

11.12.2017 - Prue finished her championship with her 2nd major, which earned her sire Jorah his ROM!

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Silhouette Pet Poms

Some examples of pets we have placed in loving homes. If you would like your puppy to be included here please drop me an email and ask!

Miss Piper on some adventures

Lily stopping to smell the flowers

Bello enjoying the garden

Victor aka Ozzie enjoying the snow

Sookie aka Ruby celebrating Easter

Edyta lives in Texas

Daphne celebrating Halloween with her mom

Jim, Sofie and Arjen, all Silhouette poms

Mitchell and Ch. Bree enjoying the snow

Mason now lives in Masschusetts with Brian and Jim



Ch. Cady (right) and her friend Kota