11.18.2017 - Desi finished her championship in only 13 shows! She finished at the Philadelphia dog show which was televised on Thanksgiving Day. Bran appeared briefly in a montage during the broadcast.

11.12.2017 - Prue finished her championship with her 2nd major, which earned her sire Jorah his ROM!

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A Closer Look: Fronts - Article by Christine Heartz, Chriscendo Pomeranians.
Reproduced with permission.

In this article Chris discusses various common faults and strengths in a pomeranian when viewed from the front, including toeing in/out, being too wide/narrow as well as the correct shape of the foot and strength of the pastern.

"Crooked legs can be trimmed straight, and a lack of body can easily be hidden from your view under an abundance of coat. It is important to feel the dog underneath the coat to know what is really there."

A Closer Look: Fronts - Moving

In the second article, Chris discusses the correct movement from a pom coming at you.

"The Pomeranian standard describes movement as smooth, free and vigorous and with good reach."

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